Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'll miss...

Tonight I was going to the "History Meet up" group at the Sony building on Madison Ave....the same building my daughter works in. I was early, so I went up to visit Erin for a little while prior to the group starting. While sitting on her desk, chatting....she told me that she and her boyfriend have been talking about her moving in with him when her lease is up in June.

He lives in Syracuse.

She lives in NYC.

I live in NYC.

Intellectually, I know that she's going to have a life with someone, as well she should...and a family. And, I can honestly say I'm looking forward to having grandchildren too (as long as they call me Hunny.) Even understanding all these things though, I found myself tearing up when she said it. It's nice to be able to stop and see her once in a while on my way home from work, or spend a Saturday or Sunday with her, going to Trader Joe's or out to lunch. I will miss being able to do that. I'll miss knowing she's nearby, even though I don't see her even weekly.

One more thing to get used least I have time.

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Steven said...

Hey Susan. I hope all is well. Your experience with your daughter mirrors mine almost exactly. It's sad we have to see them grow up and follow their paths when they leave us behind. At the same's what they are supposed to do. Very bitter sweet.