Saturday, October 18, 2008

Conversing in a line

Tonight while out with my friend David, and waiting on line at the movies, we overheard the three women in front of us talking about the movie W. David happened to say that he'd heard that the movie was well researched and an accurate one about George W.

"They should have made it eight years ago, before the first election," one of the women exclaimed, and we all chuckled.

It was an amusing comment, and yet I've been thinking about it, and wondering if the outcome might have been different had George had a movie made about him then.

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dennisalan said...

The late Molly Ivins, columnist at the Dallas Morning News, wrote plenty about Bush as governor of Texas and during the 2000 campaign. They knew him well in Texas.

But after Monicagate, the country wanted to return integrity to the Oval Office. Hah!

Imagine these past 8 years if Al Gore, who won the popular vote, had taken office.