Sunday, August 31, 2008

Backyard fireplaces.....

Tonight is one of those beautiful, late summer evenings here on LI, where I am visitng my family for Labor Day weekend. In my previous life we had a backyard fire place that on nights like this we would start a roaring fire in and sit around, drinking coffee and listening to the screech owl in the woods nearby. I would often have a fire, even on mild winter Sunday afternoons. I would sit outside with an afghan around me, smelling the scent of the burning wood and listening to the pop and crackle as it book and hot drink in hand. These are the sort of things I feel nostalgic about at times, and wish that maybe I could have again......that, and someone special to share them with. continues to tug at my heart.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The summer of '75

Lately I’ve been listening to B103, the oldie’s station out here on Long Island. I’ve never been one for actually turning the radio dial to an oldie’s station, yet when I hear those songs I always find myself singing along. Imagine my surprise to realize I AM AN OLDIE! I just never visualize myself this age, perhaps because I don’t feel as old as my birth year indicates.

This weekend is “The Class of ‘75” weekend on B103 and wow, I’ve heard songs I haven’t heard since then….primarily because I ‘m an “adult contemporary, alt rock, heavy metal, top 40” radio listener. I do believe I may have to add “oldies” to that list, now that the realization has dawned that at least according to the radio; I really am an “oldie.”

America, singing Ventura Highway, Neil Diamond’s Cracklin’ Rosie and Free’s, It’s All Right Now are just a few of the songs I’ve heard while out in the car today…..songs that now go back over 30 years, making me one freakin’ cool “oldie.”

I may be an “oldie” now, however…..I am one dame fine “goodie.”

(I do not lack for self- esteem.)

When I turned 50 last year my daughter very kindly said, “You know Mom, 50 is the new 40.” Since I don’t even feel 40, to me age really is just a number. However, those songs brought back to me how different my life might have been had I chosen to take the path with the arrow pointing toward “the unknown” during the summer of ’75, instead of heading down the one I thought was the safest.

A few years ago I veered off the “safe path,” although in the end it turned out not to have been very safe and I’m now traveling down the one marked “unknown.” It’s still very unsettling in many ways for me to be on this particular road; however I’ve found it comforting to from time to time, change the radio station to the oldies one, and let myself think back to a time when my life was not so complicated.

Isn’t it amazing how music can bring you back to another place and time?