Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thoughts about America from an Englishmen

I received this email from my very good friend Will this morning. Will is an older gent who lives in Wales and who has seen a good bit of the world in his lifetime.  I have to say, much of what he said I agree with.  It's almost difficult to explain to people who don't live here, how stupid-crazy things have gotten in our country.

From Will: I was sat watching TV last night in my studio with next doors cat satting on my lap when I was just so over come with tears running down my cheeks. What I saw was so tragic that I couldn’t even get it out to tell my wife later. It was all about the homeless in the USA. People living in storm drains in Las Vegas and tented cities in the Mid West and the most tear jerking of all was this field in the dark of night where thousands of cars and people parked up to wait for a huge barn to open its doors at six in the morning for free medical and dentistry care. An Englishman it seems runs this operation and if anyone deserved a knighthood it’s him! What a wonderful man!

How can the richest country in the world treat its poor so appallingly? Billions are spent every day on wars and corrupt countries and yet your own people starve and are homeless.

It seemed the answer was “Welfare makes people lazy and not prepared to stand up for themselves.” The most prosperous countries I have ever been in like all the Scandinavian ones and also Switzerland, are wonderful places to live because all the people are so well educated, not because of money in their bank accounts; it’s all a matter of outlook on life. How they view and respect others.

What I want to see from any Politian in the entire world is for him to say to the people “This is what I am going to do. This is my one point plan and till I’ve ticked it off my list I shall not waver nor falter from it. Only when I have accomplished it will we move on to my next task.”

It’s all just hopes but one-day just one honest man will come forward and do just that and live up to his ideas and promises.

Susan- Yes, wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air....