Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Secret...again

Tonight I actually watched the movie The Secret. Now I'm completely jazzed and hopefully it will last. My new writer friend Ron thinks it's all psychobable...but not me. I love this kind of stuff.

I realized after watching the movie that although I'm good at visualizing what I want, I worry too much, or think too hard about how it's going to happen. What I need to do is turn that around and visualize it all, as if it has happened.......and feel how wonderful it is!

So, I'm making a Visualization Book. It already exists in bits and pieces. I'm just going to put it all in one spot so that I can see it in a concrete way. I'm going to include the paint samples of the colors I'm painting my apartment, pictures I'm cutting out of the Pottery Barn catalog of the table and bed I want and all the other things I'm working to achieve.... including ideas for a book or two. You never know what will happen.

Of course I have to find the perfect book to put this in. It can't be just any book....after all, it's my new life we're talking here. I have a few that I carry around to jot things down in, but they are way to small to contain this big life I want.

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