Friday, March 16, 2007

The apartment in my head....

This is in my vision book. Yes, I know....some of you are shaking your heads....and I don't care. I'm a firm believer that if you can see it, then it can/will happen.

I can see the details of my new home in my head…..cozy, subdued lighting that reflects the warmth of the rose quartz color of the walls I plan to paint my bedroom…that beautiful pinky/purple/dark lavender color that you can sometimes see when the sun is setting. The beautiful bedding on my bed, heaped with pillows, bookshelf headboard overflowing with all my favorite books. A print of The Young Martyr, by Paul Delaroche, serenly floating in the water and hung above my bed. (Yes, she’s dead, but she’s very peaceful and beautiful.) Plush scatter rugs around the room, a large wicker chest at the foot of the bed, storing the flannel sheets and extra blankets that I can’t fit anywhere else as closet space is very limited.

In the kitchen I can see the stainless steel measuring cups and spoons from William Sonoma sitting on the granite counter top next to the peach or plum kuchen I will be making because friends are coming over to visit. The white kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances in this vision, reflective of all the online apartment hunting I’ve done on Craig’s List. On the wall above a small kitchen table I’ve hung my Max Moran print of “Joy’s Deli,” and when I look up at it, it’s cool that I know *the Joy* who this deli is named after. The picture an ever present reminder of my not to distant past working with the *real Joy* and not in a deli I might add.

In the living room I can see sea shells, a clump of barnacles and a star fish sitting on top of the dark wooden book shelf I got from Paul and Brooke at our yard sale, and in one corner, the white wooden rocking chair with a tapestry throw in a garden design, draped over the arm of it, and where I sit to read, or talk on the phone……a standing floor lamp with a stained glass shade right behind it. The walls of my living room are painted a sienna color, or possibly even a sunflower yellow. Who would have thought that I, a person so drawn to cool colors, would want to paint everything in shades of warmth? An, apartment size sofa that opens up to become a bed, sits on top of an Oriental area rug that covers the warm hard wood floors that exists throughout this place that I live. (I need the sofa bed so that I when my various family members come to visit, they have a comfortable place to sleep…comfortable places to sleep are a must in this life of mine.)

This is a 1.5 bedroom apartment. The .5 part is an alcove space that doubles as an office/reading area for me. A nice size overstuffed chair in a floral pattern, with an ottoman sits catty cornered looking out the large door way into the living room. Sheer white curtains are hung from the doorway on a heavy white wooden rod and are tied back on either side with lengths of ribbon. Against one narrow wall is a small desk, just big enough for my laptop and crammed with pads of paper, pens, pencils, and my Oxford American Desk Dictionary and Thesaurus, because I can’t spell, yet if I have time, I love to actually look words up, as opposed to using spell check.....

This is as far as this particular vision has progressed. I think there might be a fire escaped outside the kitchen with a pot of geraniums on it. I've bought the floor lamp and it's not stained glass, but it's really nice and I love it. It's going to stay in the box for now. And...Target should be delivering the two sets of book shelves I've ordered any day now. They sort of look like ladders...the shelves narrow at the top and getting progressivly wider as you reach the bottom. They too will hang out in their boxes until I can unfold them in this apartment.

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