Sunday, March 04, 2007

Dinner with Harry

I went to dinner on Friday night in Manhattan with Harry, who I am so very drawn toward. We have danced around each other since July 2005. He has drama, and in a far different way than mine. And yet, I can’t help wanting to be with him. It’s very difficult to know, deep down in your soul, that someone really should be with you, only to also understand that it may never actually happen.

Harry notices things. Immediately he noticed the little diamond on the side of my nose and then commented on my hair color. We see each other so infrequently that I’m amazed he even remembered what my hair looked like, let alone noticed that it was a little different in color. He pays attention to things that I’ve said or written, and then asks about them. The key words here are “pays attention.” How nice to have someone hear and see you. It’s one of the most amazing things that has happened to me in the past few years….to have this remarkable man see me and to know that I too, can see him.

Harry and I had dinner at a Thai restaurant and I managed to eat the entire meal with chopsticks. I’ve realized that if you’re going to live in the city, then you have to master the art of eating with two wooden sticks. And I did it! And it was fun. We took our time, we shared an appetizer and two entrĂ©e’s and even ordered chocolate soufflĂ© to share for dessert. We both love chocolate and yet the most appealing thing for me was the fact that it was going to take a half hour to make. One more half hour, spent sitting across from Harry.

After dinner we walked down 7th Avenue, through Times Square and all the way to Penn Station. Walking with Harry feels right. It feels as if he has always belonged next to me. Either holding hands or my arm though his, we walked right next to one another with him singing an old Supreme's song as we navigated the crowded Friday evening sidewalk. And I tried hard not to think about the “saying good-bye” part. Even though he promised that we would see each other sooner, rather than later.

The “good-bye” part….always sweet and poignant in so many ways. Feeling his arms around me, feeling his mouth on mine and having such a hard time letting him go….not knowing what, if anything, will happen for us next….and yet for the first time, receiving just a little tiny bit of encouragement from him in the form of four words.....

“Maybe I’ll surprise you,” he said.

Please, please Harry….surprise me.

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