Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

I spent the past two days thinking I was dying of some dreaded disease. Over the past few years every time some health dilemma rears its ugly head, I’ve given myself permission to overreact. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have a significant other in my life to keep me in check, to say to me “Don’t be ridiculous, you’re not dying.” Or, who in his best Arnold Schwarzenegger accent might say, “It’s not a tumor!” Sometimes I just need someone to reel me back in when I’ve fallen into the deep end of the pity pool.

It’s not a tumor……it’s a bladder infection. I feel pretty stupid, but then again, I am the person who has bid my friends goodbye, mostly in jest (but not really), when having to undergo general anesthesia, convinced that I probably wouldn’t wake up again. My family usually remains blissfully ignorant of my hypochondriac moments since they know me and would be saying “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s not a tumor.”

Part of this is that there’s still so much left that I want to do, that something stupid like a weird hospital infection, or “death due to not waking up from anesthesia” would put a serious crimp in my future plans.

And, for now…..I’m relieved to know “it’s not a tumor!”


Jenese said...

It's Jenese! I can not believe I google Beach perfume and the on the first page of hits I see a blog, I click on it and it turns out to be the women I grew up across the street from! You are a wonderful writer. I have enjoyed reading the bits about our nieghborhood.

~CrazyGooGrl~ said...

Hi Jenese!
What a small, very strange world this is! Thank you very much for your lovely comment. It's always nice when someone can relate to what I write.

It was so nice to hear from you.
BTW-Bobby Brown used to have a perfume that I think is called "beach." It smelled sort of Coppertone-like. Erin and I love it!