Monday, January 21, 2008

Window treatments...or maybe not

Clearly.........I do not have the knack for window treatments! am so frustrated that I could just chuck it all out my fourth floor window. Whatever made me think that draping a window scarf over a decorative rod would be easy? Where to begin?

Let's see....first of all I gave up on trying to screw the hardware into the molding, since the molding is probably 60 years old and hard as concrete. I nailed them instead. Big no-no...I'm sure. However, they're still hanging, at least for now. Then I had this mile long scarf....which although is now hanging after I used twist ties and pins, is of course uneven. It's probably a good idea not to do that other one tonight...or maybe ever.

I need:
1. a ladder so I can actually reach high enough to see what I'm doing. The step stool is just no cutting it.
2. a power tool in the form of a drill
3. Possibly someone taller than me who is also stronger then me to help
4. Someone to help hold the mile long scarf so there's a hope of getting it even.

If you don't look closely, or you aren't me, who needs things like this to be perfect, it probably looks ok. I'm hanging freakin' curtain in my bedroom. Once I get past the curtain rod dilemma, it will be way easier.

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