Saturday, May 27, 2006

New adventures in food....

You know, I'm living my life on the edge these days. Or probably pretty close to the edge. Here is a helpful hint when dining out with new people, and in places that are sooo not suburban. When the menu says "pan seared tuna," that does not mean it's cooked. It really means that it's more sushi-like, than not. I also had edamome (which I am sure I have not spelled correctly). Edamome sort of look like a bigger version of snow peas. They arrive at your table steamed with some salt on them and you suck the soy beans (cause that's what they are) out of the shell. Another food adventure yesterday included a piece of fried calamari...can you imagine that? And I think I should learn to use chop sticks. Having the basic idea, is just not enough. I will need to practice with everything I eat from now's going to take me a while to perfect that technique. (Can real sushi be far behind?)

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