Friday, August 26, 2005

Doing Stupid Things

Not often, but occasionally, she does things that are really stupid.

Last week she went to a psychic. Two hours prior to the appointment her intuition told her not to go. It was whispering in her ear, “Susan, don’t go….you know you’ll be sorry…. you know you’ll believe whatever this person tells you…you know you won’t be able to think about anything else.” Her intuition knows her quite well and as a rule, she pays attention. This time, she did not. The *grasping at straws* nature of her personality overruled her intuition ….but never again. She has decided that *grasping at straws* is not a particularly good way to live your life. She is also thankful for good friends like Harry.

Without Harry, she would still be thinking about the prophecies that the psychic foretold. “You're too bright to believe what a psychic sees over what your eyes see....or your heart...," he said. How cool a statement was that? She’s keeping Harry as her friend because she needs people who will kick her in the butt once in a while, in order to keep her on track, and because she likes him. She has a number of very good friends. One day she’ll have to throw a really big party for them all in order to thank them for sticking it out with her. The *Drama Queen* in her can really take over and rule her life at times. She’s very thankful to have all these good friends as they help her to keep the *Queen* at bay.

Three lessons were learned from this particular stupid act: First, always listen to your intuition. Secondly, always be a good to your friends because those are the people that will continue to support you, even when you’re functioning in *Drama Queen* mode.
And lastly, maybe if you learn a lesson from doing something stupid, it wasn’t really stupid to do it after all. She thinks about all the different kinds of moments in time that have occurred over this past year…..even the stupid ones…and she smiles.

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